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Update your Switchboard

Tutt Electrics takes pride in our expertise in ensuring your maximum safety when installing new switchboards

We take the following measures to ensure your switchboard will remain in safe operation for many years to come:

  • Correct cable stripping length. Cable stripping (removing of insulation to expose copper strands) the strip length needs to be precise. Too long and copper will be exposed creating a safety hazard. Too short and connection will be poor reducing the reliablity of the switchbox.
  • Correct tightening of screws. Too tight and circuit breaker will fracture. Not tight enough and connection will be poor. Correct tightness is something a good experienced electrician can feel.
  • Double checking connections. When the switchboard installation is completed every screw connection should be double checked and retightened if necessary. Often after a couple of minutes you can get the screws a little bit tighter.
  • Follow up inspection. Every switchboard installation should be inspected after 12 months. All screws on the switchboard should be checked for tightness. Copper after time will shrink and then the screws can become loose. Loose terminal screws are a serious fire risk and also will damage appliances.

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